artrepublic Soho and Pure Evil at the Ivy

What do you get if you mix our London gallery, street artist Pure Evil, a touch of Brazil and one of the most exclusive members clubs in London? The answer: a terrific event that bought the streets of East London and Sao Paulo right into the West End.

After a recent outing to Sao Paulo to work with the Choque Cultural gallery for the show Dark Carnival, Pure Evil returned to London and found the right artistic buttons had been pushed and got to work transforming his experience into some of his best work to date.

All brand new work, Pure Evil’s inspiration is born from children's literature of the early 1900’s, whereby the pages of books such as ‘Little Nemo in Slumberland’ have become the medium for his stencils, with even some of its characters having found a new home in his art.

In recreating the literature Pure Evil says his work is meant to propose a reflection on what happens to good and bad in the daily lives of people, offering an understanding of evil in its purest state i.e. the pure evil.

All the works are executed on glass with them being stencilled in aerosol on both sides giving an illusion of depth. They are all signed, unique, and even feature framing that has been customised by Pure Evil himself. The prints are signed editions of 70.

For all Pure Evil works currently available click here.

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