David Walker drops 'Alana' at artrepublic

At artrepublic we are all thrilled about the arrival of David Walker’s hot new edition ‘Alana’, which comes fresh from his sensational London show. The exhibition titled ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’ was held by our sister gallery Lawrence Alkin Gallery in a pop-up space in London’s uber cool Shoreditch. The event was hands down the street art hit of season and saw the Berlin based artist return to his native East London to show work in the capital for the first time in nearly 3 years.

In the show Walker debuted his brand new way of displaying paintings, where he divided the canvases into different section exploring colour theory. His explanation for this new method was, ‘The different sections of each painting showcase different approaches and colour logic, and in turn for the viewer to see both the individual and the whole”.

The painting Alana was the main lead image for the show so it is rather fitting that it has beautifully transformed into a limited edition giclee print. The show was incredibly well received and generated a lot of interest on blogs and social media, drawing in huge number of street art followers. The new edition comes in three variations, one has a silver metallic silkscreened layered and the other two are hand finished with gold and copper leaf. The subjects of the portraits are all people David knows personally and there is an underlying theme of different forms of creativity. He has painted fellow artists, musicians and dancers amongst others. Many of the print edition sold along the originals at the show so if you’re as captivated by ‘Alana’ as we are don’t sleep on it because she won’t be around for long!