Katherine’s Fab 30

Throughout 2022, we’ve been celebrating the 30th anniversary of Enter Gallery with a specially-curated collection of 30 artworks each month.

As we officially welcome in the festive season, it’s time for our last Fab 30 of the year, this time, courtesy of gallery Art Consultant, Katherine.

Katherine has been working at Enter Gallery for almost a year now. Prior to that she spent a number of years refining her artistic knowledge, completing a degree in Art History and Publishing, a Sotheby’s course about Women in Art, and a Masters in Art History, where she honed in on the representation of women in art and popular culture.

Katherine's Fab 30 Collection limited edition art | Enter Gallery


Katherine’s Fab 30 collection.  

Speaking of what kind of art draws her eye, Katherine reveals: 

“I’m massively drawn to colour and pattern. Artists like Boo Saville, Ian Davenport and Bridget Riley’s colour pieces. Most of the items I’ve chosen for my Fab 30 are big, bright colours. Revolving Love by Gavin Turk is bright orange, Love Hurts by Charlotte Rose is yellows, reds, pinks. Magda Archer is also really colourful.

“I’ve always enjoyed the theory behind art. The thinking that goes into it, different artistic periods and the stories behind each artist. I love art by women, and things that make me laugh. I love a bit of sparkle and I like art that makes me feel good. I would absolutely have all these pieces on my wall. To quote Harry Potter, I’ll take the lot!”

In today’s blog, we’re diving into Katherine’s Fab 30 Collection to learn a little more about six of her chosen pieces…


Katherine's Fab 30 Collection of limited edition art | Enter Gallery


Flower Child, 1972 – Poppy Faun

Katherine’s first choice is Poppy Faun’s Flower Child, 1972 piece. Faun’s subject is from a 70s porn magazine, and the intention behind the piece is to reclaim this woman’s natural beauty and body shape, and to exemplify a feeling a freedom. Faun explains:

"She's completely at peace, full of love and light and energy. She radiates positive energy. That's her thing. She's free and owning it."

Flower Child, 1972 limited edition print by Poppy Faun | Enter Gallery

Katherine explains her choice:


“I’ve always had a huge issue with how women are portrayed in art, and I find it really interesting to see how women artists are pushing back on those traditional portrayals to challenge it.”

“Flower Child is such a refreshing take on a woman as a focal point. She’s like ‘here I am – look at me’ - she makes you look at her, but not in a classically sexy way. Instead she’s completely free, positive, loving life. It’s refreshing to see a woman owning her autonomy.”


Gaussian – Boo Saville

Katherine’s second choice is from Boo Saville – an artist known for vivid abstract works that explore the relationship between colour and emotion.

Gaussian was created during the pandemic and was inspired by the artist’s dawn walks to her studio. The piece is an exploration of how we can look to nature and our environment for solace during stressful moments. Katherine reveals:

“Gaussian has been stuck in my mind since my trial shift back in February - it’s just been in there, lodged in, and it’s not left – it lives in my head rent free!”


Gaussian limited edition art print by Boo Saville | Enter Gallery


“Boo Saville is my favourite artist in the gallery, and Gaussian is just perfect for me. It’s a beautiful piece, that makes me feel really calm and positive.”


Clip Clop - Babak Ganjei

Next up, we have Film Idea: Clip Clop – one of London artist, Babak Ganjei’s enormously popular and absolutely hilarious pieces from his Film Ideas series.

Film Idea: Clip Clop by Babak Ganjei | Enter Gallery


Like Harley, I love humour in art, and Babak Ganjei’s Film Ideas absolutely crack me up. When his work first arrived at the gallery, Harley and I were going through it, just crying with laughter at how funny it is. It is one of my favourite memories of working at the gallery.”

Hard Being Me – Marcelina Amelia

Given Katherine’s interest in women’s representation in art, it’s no surprise she’s selected Hard Being Me by Marcelina Amelia – an artist whose work explores themes of female sexuality, body positivity and self-acceptance. In fact, this piece and I Only Want Everything were the first pieces of art that Katherine bought after she started working at Enter Gallery.

Hard Being Me art print by Marcelina Amelia | Enter Gallery  


“I love Marcelina Amelia because her work hits on all of my sweet spots. There’s a real female empowerment and beautiful body image vibe. I love her incredible use of colour and the irreverent humour she infuses within her works and the titles of the pieces. Here, for example – it’s real First World Problems – let me just take myself away on holiday and think about how difficult my life is! It makes me chuckle.”


Rock - Mark Vessey

Next up, Katherine has chosen the latest piece from Brighton-artist, Mark Vessey – an artist whose meticulous work is inspired by collections of everything from records and books to vodka bottles.

In Rock, Vessey captures iconic tunes from some of the biggest names in rock music. It was the inclusion of Queen and The Beatles that made Katherine select this piece over Vessey’s others (although she reveals Glastonbury and Seventies were also hot contenders).

Rock limited edition art print by Mark Vessey | Enter Gallery


“Mark Vessey is just fantastic. His work is such a perfect example of doing something simple really well. Each piece is so striking and really draws you in. I love that every piece resonates with people differently because of the different genres and time periods. Everyone sees something different. Mark is a great person as well – he’s really supportive of local artists, so it’s great to see him doing so well.”


Hot Spring Path - Bruce Mclean

Finally, Katherine has picked Bruce Mclean’s Hot Spring Path – an abstract piece featuring bright collaged shapes of orange and yellows against a vivid pastel pink background.

Hot Spring Path art print by Bruce Mclean | Enter Gallery


“Bruce McLean is just incredible. I really struggled to choose my favourite of his works for my Fab 30. I didn’t know much about him before I started working here, so it’s been amazing to learn about him, get to know his work, and see his printing. It’s pure colour, really abstract, just sparse shapes that form beautiful images of nature – which is important.”


Throughout December, when you buy any piece from Katherine’s Fab 30 collection, you’ll receive 30% off framing. Explore the collection here.