New Statesman

Welcome to Enter Gallery’s New Statesman Collection. These artworks have been curated especially for you as part of the gallery’s sponsorship of the New Statesman’s Culture Section.  

Introductory Gift: £50 off every purchase of art over £250. 

For every purchase over £250, you’ll receive a discount of £50. Simply enter the code NEWSTATEJUL22 at the checkout to receive this introductory gift.  

 Read the full terms and conditions here.  

Enter Gallery have curated this collection to encompass some of the most exciting and collectible pieces in the art world right now.  

The assortment features key pieces from legendary artists like Grayson Perry, David Hockney, The Godfather of Pop Art - Peter Blake, and punk icon, Jamie Reid. Also included are some of the biggest names in contemporary art, including The Connor Brothers, Bonnie and Clyde, Boo Saville and Mark Vessey.  

Enter Gallery has a rich history of nurturing up-and-coming talent, and the collection has been curated to reflect this commitment. You’ll find pieces from Charlotte Rose, Charlie Haydn-Taylor, Poppy Faun and more, all of whom are generating significant buzz for their work on an international scale.  

New Statesman Artworks