Two New Artists At artrepublic Soho

Our London gallery is proud to introduce two new artists to its walls: Shuby and Richard Dix.

Both artists hail from our great capitol and both have been working like beavers on new projects and new bodies of strong work for a worthy assault on the art world. However that’s where the similarities between the two end.

Shuby is one of only a very small handful of British female street artists operating in London that sells her work. The distinctive styles of her work vary from paper collages to painting to photography, which is then placed, pasted or stuck onto numerous random buildings.

In this respect she is a street artist and not a graffiti artist, which makes her art very transferable to the gallery and more importantly to the home

The one element to her work is the apparent use of reclaimed and/or recycled objects.

She has turned unwanted old pub signs into quirky free hanging pieces and revitalised decayed mirrors enhancing them into very beautiful and interesting 3-d objects. Shuby also has a fondness for the banal with thongs, bingo and bananas cropping up now and again (along with 'customised' retro-looking photos)

Richard Dix on the other hand is an art school graduate. Dick the Dox (dyslexic for tick the box), Dot the Dix (to his friends), Dick Dix (to his close friends) studied typography and graphics at Wolverhampton Polytechnic in the mid 1970s

After several years in the wilderness he moved to London and began work at the Royal College of Art as the understudy to the technical instructor for the typesetter in chief. The brief time that he spent at the RCA was a creative whirlwind and it allowed him the freedom to come to terms with his dixability and how it sits with his chosen profession as typographer/graphic artist.

It was also at this time when he began to evolve his idea of textapology. The random classification and documentation of textual error shown in pictorial form with accompanying pictures of which Giberrish (above) is based. A medium of his own, a lifetime's work and an idea he continues to evolve in his studio.

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