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Contemporary artist and graphic designer Haus of Lucy, AKA Lucy Bryant merges classical fine art with satirical elements from contemporary culture for a wry and caustic aesthetic. Working across collage, print and sculpture, Haus Of Lucy’s work is a modern-day take on the Dadaist practice of objet trouvé. Taking ‘found’ original artworks, Haus Of Lucy adds unexpected details: an EasyJet Plane soaring above a pastoral idyll or a hot dog in the hand of a porcelain figurine. 

Influenced by Pop Art and Punk, Lucy's rebellious approach to classicism is tongue-in-cheek, asking the viewer to question contemporary culture.

In 2023, Enter Gallery hosted Lucy's debut solo show, Ghost Town, which explored the death of the high street and its knock-on effect on our sense of connection and community. 


Haus Of Lucy

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