Elizabeth Waggett launches her Victorian Series

Waggett's new collection is available at Enter Gallery now.

Gavin Mitchell launches Floating World series

Gavin Mitchell's Floating World series is available now.

20 Years of Facebook: How Social Media has Impacted the Art World

How has the art world changed since social media took over the world?

The Rise and Rise of ‘Cute’ Art

Why does the art world love cute art?

1st March : Fatboy Slim by Jessica van der Weert

Join us to celebrate the artistic collaboration of Jessica van der Weert and Brighton's favourite DJ, Fatboy Slim

Enter Gallery Showcases Special Works at Rare Print Show

Here's what went down at our Rare Print Show 2024.

Arthur’s Masterclass at Enter Gallery

Arthur teaches street art basics at Kids Club.

Highlights from Happy Gas by Sarah Lucas

Our best bits from Sarah Lucas' retrospective, Happy Gas.

Enter Gallery’s Festive Kids Club

Decorations that would make Santa proud.