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Jessica van der Weert

Jessica van der Weert is an esteemed photographer who has been taking photographs for over 40 years, since she was given a camera at the age of eight.

Inspired by ‘human culture’, van der Weert’s work is characterised by a bold use of colour and meticulous eye for detail. Each photograph is infused with narrative, recreating everyday scenes to highlight the small nuances that separate and define our identities.  

Van der Weert is best known for portraits of key figures in contemporary British history and culture, most notably within the music industry. In her recent project, Flipside, van der Weert photographed 28 DJs and Producers, including Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Boy George and Goldie.

Read more about Jessica's solo exhibition at Enter Gallery, Fatboy Slim by Jessica van der Weert - 10 Years Photographing a Legend.

Jessica van der Weert

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