Fanakapan Biography


Fanakapan is a prolific street artist, known for hyper-realistic 3D visuals of real life objects, most notably, helium foil balloons. Via his sublime skill for highly-technical free hand, shadow and reflective highlights, the artist is able to create flat pieces that pop from the surface, tricking the human eye into believing it’s seeing a real object.

Fanakapan is a self-taught artist with a background in prop design, who started working with spray paint in the early 2000s, ‘running around late at night, putting up stencil pieces in Dorset.’

Since then, he has become the ‘pioneer of balloon graff’, taking his ever-evolving aesthetic around the world. Each of Fanakapan’s artworks reveals a little more about his personality. They are devised to both amuse and provoke deeper thought in the observer. He reveals: ‘I usually like the viewer to read into it what they want to. I get some pretty strange suggestions from different minds, and I like it like that.'


Fanakapan Artworks