MissBugs Biography


Hailing from a background in photography and graphics, Miss Bugs’ aesthetic is inspired by cutting and pasting existing images and artworks; ‘remixing and sampling classics’ to create new pieces in their own distinct style.

Seen as ‘Visual DJs’, Miss Bugs’ work incorporates the familiar with the unfamiliar, altering artistic influences we know, from the likes of Basquiat, Picasso and Gary Hume, in a surrealistic, and darkly dreamlike style. The result is subversive, thought-provoking, post-apocalyptic pop culture art.

Since 2007, Miss Bugs have moved from small scale works on paper, to life-size cut outs of characters placed on the streets of London, to their more recent large scale, labour intensive pieces, which incorporate laser cut planes of wood, hundreds of small objects and poured resin.

The focus of Miss Bugs’ work lies in developing characters that tell a story. Archetypal imagery is sourced from magazines, art history and films as a starting point. These images are then cut, overlaid and distorted to produce character portraits, layered with carefully-placed pattern and colour to create an arresting graphic look.


MissBugs Artworks