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Miss Bugs

Miss Bugs has redefined pop culture on their own terms. A London-based street art partnership, they have been creating work together since 2007. Their aesthetic inspiration comes from the idea of copying and pasting, as they seamlessly blend different types of media and styles.

Miss Bugs has been hailed as ‘Visual DJs’, and enjoy revealing the connections that their influences, artists such as Basquiat, Picasso and Gary Hume, had on each other in their work. Their work incorporates the familiar with the unfamiliar, remixing what we know in a surrealistic, darkly dreamlike style. In our collection, we see iconic celebrated figures in religious and pop cultures remixed with sinister imagery.

The result is work that is subversive and thought-provoking. Miss Bugs provides stunning post-apocalyptic pop culture art and we love it.

Miss Bugs

Miss Bugs Artworks