Sustainability in Art

Here at Enter Gallery, sustainability is something that is always top of our agenda. As a business based around prints, deliveries and framing, we know that we have a lot of work to do to ensure we offset our activity. We are fully committed to caring for the planet that inspires all of the art we sell.

Discover the initiatives we already have in place and our exciting new project Connecting the Roots.

Reducing our Impact

These are the initiatives we currently have in place:

1 – Recycling: We invite customers to return their Enter Gallery packaging to our Brighton Gallery. We offer a £10 voucher off your next order if returning packaging for one artwork, or £25 for returning the packaging of multiple artworks. Packaging is reused, then recycled with Brighton Paper Round.

77% of our packaging is recycled, offsetting 490kg of carbon dioxide each month.

2 – Sustainable partners: We ensure every supplier we use shares our environmental ethos. For example, our printers, Generation Press were named Environmental/ Sustainability Company of the Year, and our framers use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved wood.

We’ve even made the switch to the 100% recycled toilet paper company, Who gives a crap? who donate 50% of their profits to improving sanitation in the developing world.

3 – Renewable Energy: All energy used at Enter Gallery is from renewable sources.

4 – Paperless where possible: We are constantly searching for ways to stop using paper and all paper that we do use is recycled.

Looking forward, we have big sustainability plans!

To step up our contribution and make a bigger impact, in 2021 we are investing in a major new environmental project called, Connecting the Roots. The project is located in Costa Rica – a nation that has been badly-affected by deforestation in the name of cattle farming.

The focus of the project is on ‘rewilding’ a 10,000 hectare area of tropical dry forest. This is one of the world’s most vital eco-systems in the fight to prevent mass extinctions and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and we want to help protect it. 

‘Rewilding’ involves restoring the biodiversity of an eco-system via planting trees and plants that once existed before they were destroyed by human activity.

By returning these environments to their natural state, these eco-systems can once again function as they were intended to; providing habitats for native wildlife, producing oxygen, preventing natural disasters, providing sustenance for local communities, and removing harmful carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere.

We’re choosing to invest in this project because leading scientists have found that rewilding is the most effective and the lowest cost method that the world currently has for reversing climate change.

Learn more about the Connecting the Roots rewilding project and how Enter Gallery will be involved.