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Eddy Bennett

Originally from Cornwall, Eddy Bennett, moved to London 7 years ago and has become an internationally-acclaimed artist, producing originals and commissions to eager buyers all over the world.

Eddy Bennett’s style is unique, creative and acts as a bridge between the traditional craft of sign painting, gilding and the vibrant, arresting aesthetic of the Pop Art movement.

A self-taught artist, Eddy has mastered the technical ability to create each piece completely by hand producing works of precision both in conceptual deliberation and painstaking execution. His original works are painted by hand in reverse onto the glass itself. Layer by layer the enamel paint he works with is applied completely freehand, eventually revealing technical typographic works that consist of other natural materials such as Mother of Pearl and 23 carat gold leaf applied to the glass using the Victorian method of gilding. 

Using the best quality, natural materials with authentic, traditional techniques, each artwork involves a pain-staking process that takes weeks to complete.

We are delighted to have a selection of original pieces by Eddy Bennett in our Brighton gallery and a selection of his new limited edition prints online. 

Eddy Bennett

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