Many of the prints throughout our website have a choice of hand-crafted framing to complete your artwork. Simply choose your frame and we'll do the rest, delivering your art ready to hang.

Need framing advice? Whether it’s artwork at our website or your own works of art, chat with our framing specialists and receive a quote today: +44(0)1273 724829. 

Some framing options offered at our website may be more suitable for certain artworks than others, call our experts for the perfect frame and other bespoke options, such as UV glass or alternative mounts.

Float mount, window mount, box frame, we’ll cut through the jargon and suggest the ideal frame elements to showcase your art, with colours and styles of frame that create the perfect centrepiece for your home or office.

Your Framing Options at

  • Box framing is used with all our online framing, creating a distance between the glass and your artwork, so no risk of ink transfer to the pane. it's the perfect choice for limited edition prints or original artworks.

  • Shadow float mounting is an option at our website, to give the appearance of an artwork floating within the frame. The mount – an archival foam core – creates depth too, by casting a shadow beneath the artwork. We highly recommend using a float mount when framing artwork with deckled (hand-torn) edges.

    As always, all our materials are sustainable and archival to keep your artwork in mint condition and perfectly presented. Simply choose from our white or black float framing options, before adding to basket.

  • Glazing all our framing orders are shipped with glass, except some larger artworks shipped outside the UK, where acrylic may be more suitable. We take great care with packaging to protect your artwork.

    You may prefer the  option of gallery grade cast acrylic, offering superb clarity, protection and safety. If you would prefer acrylic, please call our gallery team on +44 (0)1273 724829 for a quote, or message us at the bottom right of this page.

  • Acid-free backing to perfectly mount prints. Acid-free board is placed between the back of the print and the rear of the frame, avoiding any chemical transfer. This fully reversible process is ideal for originals, limited editions and rare works.

Other Framing Options - available at our gallery or by phone

Pop into our gallery or call us on +44(0)1273 724829 for these options:

Float mounting is an alternative to shadow float mounting. This archival method involves securing the corners of the artwork using acid-free tape. While it doesn’t have a shadow effect, it is another excellent choice for pieces with deckled edges.

UV glass provides protection against damage and fading by UV rays.

ClearColour glass has a high-quality anti-reflective coating, improving clarity, a good choice for framing darker prints.
ClearColour UV glass a combination of UV protection and an anti-reflective coating.
Gallery grade cast acrylic 3mm is a hard-wearing and clear alternative to glass, ideal for frames shipped outside the UK and where safety is a factor.

Our Hand Crafted Custom Framing Service

A bespoke, custom-made frame is the perfect way to complement your beautiful limited edition artwork. Our framing experts will cut, join and assemble each frame by hand to create your perfect finished work of art, ready to hang on your wall.

Your framed artwork is then delivered to your door. To ensure your frame arrives in pristine condition, all of our custom frames are delivered either by our own driver or with an external specialist courier service. Both are highly experienced at delivering custom frames safely and securely. 

Our framed art delivered within the UK will contain glass. If you live outside the UK your frame will contain gallery-grade cast acrylic instead of glass, durable and super clear.

Why choose custom framing from Enter Gallery?

  • All Enter Gallery frames are hand-crafted in the UK by highly skilled framers.
  • We use only the finest, specialist framing materials, including acid-free board and a choice of glazing for different environments.
  • All our wooden frames are crafted using FSC® certified woods from responsibly managed forests.
  • We use specialist couriers, who are experts in handling glass and frames, to deliver your framed artworks in perfect condition and at a time that suits you.

If you have any questions about our framing service:

Chat to one of our framing specialists today: +44 (0)1273 724829 (7 days a week)

or message us at the bottom right-hand corner of this page, including your contact details and we’ll be happy to call you back.

I want to arrange framing myself, how accurate are your sizes?

Although we try to make the picture sizes on our website as accurate as possible, we always advise waiting until you receive your print before arranging your own framing. Please do not give the sizes on our website to your framer, instead arrange for them to measure the print when it arrives. 

How to Hang Your Framed Artwork

More Details of Your Framing Choices
(Call us to quote on any of the framing extras below)

Frame Style

Connecting a picture with its surroundings, your choice of frame style is important; it needs to enhance the image without detracting from it. Our experts are here to help, whether you opt for a white or black painted wooden frame or a traditional, decorative moulded design. Every work of art calls for something different, so we offer a number of frame styles, to suit your artwork and your home.

Box framing

All the framing options at our website are box frames, offering a protective distance between the glass and the surface of an artwork. Box framing is the ideal choice for limited edition prints or original artworks, eliminating the risk of any ink transfer between the artwork and the glazed pane.


When it comes to the protective pane between your artwork and the environment it’s hanging in, your options are glass or acrylic. At Enter Gallery we use glass in our bespoke frames. We also have the option of gallery grade cast acrylic in order to keep your artwork safe. We offer a comprehensive choice of glazing for our custom frames from standard to specialist glass and gallery grade cast acrylic. Here are some of our glazing options:   

UV glass provides protection against damage and fading by blocking harmful UV light waves, although it can have some impact on clarity, it therefore will depend on where your art is situated.
ClearColour glass offers the ultimate in viewing clarity – the high-quality anti-reflective coating that is applied on both sides means you see your artwork’s true colours. In some light conditions the glass is, effectively, invisible, making it an excellent choice for framing darker prints and lenticulars.
ClearColour UV glass offers a unique combination of UV protection and anti-reflective coating. This means that this glass protects your picture from the sun’s harmful rays, without impacting on the colours or clarity of the image it is protecting.
High-grade cast acrylic 3mm is the only alternative to glass that we suggest and is used in our frames shipped outside the UK. Gallery-grade acrylic is hard-wearing and clear, so it doesn’t affect the overall impact made by your chosen artwork.

Picture Mounts for Framing

Do you want your artwork flush to the edge of the frame? Or do you want a little space for the image to breathe? We are happy to advise and offer a choice of mounts, including acid-free backing, surround mounts and (our personal favourite) float mounting. Not sure what we’re talking about? Read on…

Acid-free backing is commonly used to perfectly mount prints (that is, match them up to the edges of the frame with no border). An acid-free board is placed between the reverse side of the print and the backing board of the frame to avoid any chemical transfer. Fully reversible, as nothing is stuck down, this process is commonly used and suitable for all types or artwork, whether limited editions, originals or rare pieces of work.
Float mounting is ideal if you like a little more space around your art or to show the deckled edge of the paper (if your print features this). Our framing experts can float mount your piece onto conservation grade mount board using specialist acid-free Japanese tape.

Surround mounts
 are best described as windows through which you view an artwork. The window is cut into a piece of high-quality card, which is available in a variety of colours, and laid flat on the surface of the print or original. This type of mount can act as additional decoration or, in some cases, offers a way to showcase more than one piece of art within a single frame. 

Chat to one of our framing specialists today: +44 (0)1273 724829 (7 days a week) 

or message us at the bottom right of this page, include your contact details and we’ll be happy to call you back.