How to hang your artwork at home

How to safely unwrap your print and hang your artwork at home.

Artist Interview with Gavin Mitchell

Gavin came to Brighton for ice cream and a catch up, so we asked him a few questions about space hoppers, boomboxes and baby food art…

Enter Gallery - Finally!

Week one - Done! Our first week as Enter Gallery.

Culture during a pandemic was more accessible than ever. Let’s keep it that way.

Art critic Alexandra Hall reflects on how Covid-19 has been keeping us cultured...

Exclusive Magnus Gjoen Box Set Volume II Launch at Enter Gallery

Magnus Gjoen releases a new box set of six new prints exclusively with Enter Gallery. Available from 18.06.20

International Women’s Day Panel talk with Rebecca Strickson, Jana Nicole and Ruth Mulvie

Ruth Mulvie, Rebecca Strickson and Jana Nicole discuss life as an artist and how they are becoming mentors with The Girls Network to inspire a future generation of women who would like to pursue a career in the arts