Enter Gallery’s Staff Picks

Here's a rundown of the Enter Gallery team's favourite pieces this January...

Kate Moss in Art

We consider the impact of Kate Moss on the world of art.

8th Feb - Plant Eat Man: A Still Life Exercise with Yan Skates

Join us for an evening of Still Life with Yan Skates.

3rd Feb - Sneakers by Dave White - A 20-Year Celebration

Join us at Enter Gallery on 3rd Feb for a Private View of Dave White's latest print release.

Modern interpretations of Existentialism in art

In honour of Simone de Beauvoir's birthday, we're looking at Enter Gallery artists inspired by existentialist philosophy.

New Artist: Sarah Morris

We welcome Sarah Morris to Enter Gallery.

Enter Gallery’s New Artists 2022

We round-up all of the artists that joined Enter Gallery in 2022.

A Round-Up of Enter Gallery’s 2022 Art Shows

We round-up every Enter Gallery art show of 2022.

13th January: Enter Gallery's Rare Print Show

We provide a sneak peek at some of the collectible artworks that will appear in January's Rare Print Show.