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Colin Barnes

Colin Barnes' development as an artist began long before his formal art education at the Camberwell College of Art. A wealth of experience outside of the art world imbues his work with a freshness of perspective that resonates with an unexpected range of people.

Stylistically inspired by graphic forms of comic books and graffiti, Barnes’ work is disarmingly fun. Barnes’ art is particularly accomplished in capturing a moment of oddness amongst the bright colours, a slightly unnerving aspect that pulls us into the piece.

Barnes’ most recent collection is fascinated with the more nuanced and open-ended questions about black representation in popular culture. Framing his point of view as more inquisitive than accusatory whilst being visually fun is contemporary commentary at its best. There’s always a jolt of humour in his work, returning the power of the piece to his own perspective.

Barnes’ mediums are ever-evolving. His curiosity and creativity can take the form of print, oil paintings and modern art sculptures. We’re excited to see what he does next.

Colin Barnes

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