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Jacky Tsai

Originally from Shanghai, Jacky Tsai made the leap to London to study at Central St Martins. It was here that he first dipped his toe into the artistic limelight, designing the now iconic floral skull for Alexander McQueen’s 2008 Spring/Summer menswear collection.

The floral skull has since become synonymous with Tsai’s work. It encapsulates his artistic vision; to dispel fear and superstition, explore mortality, and to reveal the beauty to be found in decay.

Tsai’s colourful, richly-layered pieces take inspiration from Pop Art icons like Lichtenstein and Warhol. He is known for fusing traditional eastern artistic techniques and imagery with western Pop Art references, creating a unique style that establishes balance between cultural extremes. If you look a little closer, most of his artworks include hidden narratives, either hailing from Chinese myths and legends, or straight from his imagination.

Tsai works prolifically across multiple mediums, including painting, sculpture, screen printing and mono printing. Most recently, he has explored ancient Chinese techniques such as enamel cloisonné, blue and white porcelain printing and silk embroidery. Tsai also boasts his own luxury fashion label, which has enjoyed high-profile collaborations with the likes of Harvey Nichols.

Jacky Tsai

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