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Belles Petite

Belles Petite is a local Moseley artist who graduated from St Martins College with a degree in fine arts over 10 years ago. Following Graduation she then went on to create fine art prints for clothing sold in outlets throughout London and Japan. As well as having her work published in a number of editorials she has exhibited her work in London, paris, Berlin, Japan and Brighton. This led to Belles Petite being commissioned to design the album cover for White Lilies Island by Natalie Imbroglio.

Belles Petite has recently created a series of series of prints inspired by the Darwin theory of evolution. Inspired by the contrasts between the organic and the industrial, the ambiguity of her work strives to highlight the differences within these themes. Fabricated through colours and applying a vast spectrum of mediums, she explores the parameters of theories and literature within a natural world. Comprising of layers using several printing, painting, collage and illustrated techniques, she aims to reflect elements of dreams, drawing on the parallels between historical and contemporary iconography and by combining these dichotomies she hopes to achieve a pastiche of surrealism.

Belles Petite

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