New Exclusive from Dan Hillier

As spring arrives, we’re celebrating the beauty and wisdom of the natural world courtesy of Dan Hillier’s piece, Old Growth.

Originally a timed release which sold out fast, Hillier has released a series of Artist Proofs of the piece that are now available exclusively at Enter Gallery.

In today’s blog, we’re revealing more about Dan Hillier and the inspiration behind this exclusive…

Old Growth Artist Proof print by Dan Hillier | Enter Gallery


Old Growth

In Old Growth, Hillier depicts his serene subject sitting in the heart of the forest, her black and white figure and the full moon behind appearing in striking contrast to the colour that blooms around her.

True to form, the piece sings with intricate detail, with fresh details revealing themselves with each new look. From his colourful choice of blooms, to the eyes of creatures peering out from the undergrowth, Old Growth is a perfect representation of the life found in the forest.

Speaking of the piece, Hillier tells us:


“Old Growth is inspired by what happens in old-growth woods when I've been sat still long enough for plants to grow up through my eyes, timorous creatures to get inquisitive and the moon to rise in my disappeared body.”



Hillier is known for curious wonderlands inspired by mythological creatures, dream imagery and religious iconography.

Limited edition art prints by Dan Hillier | Enter Gallery


To create his work, which blends surrealism and neo-Victoriana, Hillier sources images and illustrations from vintage books and then begins crafting his collages from the found material. Next, he incorporates his own intricate ink drawings and adds digital layers to put the final flourishes of his unique aesthetic.  

As well as creating album covers for Brighton-band, Royal Blood, Hillier has also collaborated with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and the BBC.

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