Rebecca Strickson Hosts Banner-Making Workshop

Last night, Rebecca Strickson was at Enter Gallery, celebrating the launch of her exclusive new piece, A Lover and A Fighter, by hosting a banner-making workshop.

The aim of the evening was to create Pride-worthy banners ready to parade through the streets at this weekend’s festivities.

In today’s blog, we’re revealing some of the tips offered on how to craft the perfect banner, and providing some snaps of the attendees rousing creations.

 A Lover and A Fighter by Rebecca Strickson | Enter Gallery

Learn more about Rebecca Strickson’s new artwork at the Enter Gallery blog.


Riot Rest Repeat

Strickson’s art is inspired by trade union banners and the power they have to bring people together to communicate big ideas and fight for vital progress.

Her exclusive new piece is a prime example, with the message chosen to convey the idea that it's not enough just to love one another, we still have to fight for change. Strickson states: 


“We’re used to hearing that we’re one or the other; we either love, or we fight. But it’s still the case in 2023 that we queer people have to be both when we want to love whomever we want and be with whomever we choose.

In reality, we have to be both a lover and a fighter for us to be safe to show love in public, hell just to exist! With this piece, I wanted to celebrate all the people who fought before us to allow love to be shown in all its beauty, diversity and fierceness.”



Given her love of the medium, Strickson is a dab hand with creating eye-catching banners, and she had many a useful tip for the eager attendees.

Strickson encouraged everyone to think about what they wanted to say, urging them to choose issues they feel passionate about. Ideally, protest banners should convey a message in snappy way so Strickson was also on hand for slogan advice.


Another useful nugget of advice offered was to carefully consider the colours of the banners, as each colour holds different symbolism.


A Lover and A Fighter by Rebecca Strickson | Enter Gallery



All of the banners made on the night were created from recycled materials, and proceeds from the evening are going to Switchboard – a LGBTQ+ charity that has been listening to, supporting and connecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer communities since 1975. 


 A Lover and A Fighter is available exclusively at Enter Gallery now. 


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