Richard Berner brings his ‘champs’ to Enter Gallery’s Kids Club

In June, Brighton-artist Richard Berner kindly hosted Enter Gallery’s Kids Club – our enormously-popular monthly Saturday morning event, where we bring together children from the local community with one of our artists and inspire them to get creative.

MOOOON limited edition art print by Richard Berner | Enter Gallery


Berner is known for amusing and highly-detailed artworks where he creates a larger image from a meticulously hand-drawn cast of characters that he calls his, ‘champs’. 

The name of the game at this month’s Kids Club was to get the children to design their very own ‘champ’ and use that to create a bigger picture. Here are some snaps from the day, including photos of the champ that the children decorated enjoying the sights and sounds of Brighton.


Richard and the children decorate his 'champ' with their own designs. 




Our Kids Club takes place one Saturday morning a month between 10am-12pm. We let our subscribers know about Kids Club before everyone else, so if you’d like to join us at the next one, click here to subscribe.