What is a 'check in' and why do we do it?

“How you enter a space and how you leave a space is as important as what happens in the space.” ― Emily M. Axelrod

An important part of our culture at Enter Gallery is our morning ‘check in’.

We recognise the importance of mindset and how the energy we give out can affect our performance as well as the people around us. So, to practise self-awareness and being mindful of others, we share with each other how we are feeling, our intentions for the day and any interferences we might have.

One check in might go a little like this…

“I’m feeling happy today, my intention is to meet some new people and make them feel welcome in the gallery. My interference is I have a phone call I need to take this morning and will need to be off the shop floor whilst I answer that”.

Another might go like this…

“I’m feeling stressed, I have a lot to do and my intention is to get through the list of things I need to do today. Don’t really have any interference other than feeling a bit grumpy which I will try to get out of so I can have a positive day.”

This process gives us an insight into what everyone is dealing with on an individual level and prepares us to support each other as a team. It acts as a reminder first thing when we meet in the morning of our commitment to working together.

Together by Rebecca Strickson

Why we check in with each other

Check in reminds us we are all human. We are not robots and it is not always possible to leave what happens at home at the door and equally what happens at work can come home with us. We favour this holistic approach to the workplace that recognises we are human beings not human resources.

Acknowledging any barriers you may be facing is also cathartic for the individual as checking in makes you more present and mindful of how you are feeling. You may not have realised how much you had to do or what was distracting you until you gave your thoughts a voice. It is a two-way street for both employer and employee.

Working together

Throughout such an unexpected and distressing pandemic, it has been the acts of solidarity which have been a driving force for many people. Being mindful of your actions as an individual and how they can affect other people has been more important than ever as we remember that we are all in this together. It is a principle we have followed as a business for some time with our morning check in and will continue to apply as we navigate how to act responsibly as a business post Covid-19.


Our aim is to make everyone feel welcome in our gallery space and we want to make you feel welcome online too. So, we are inviting you to ‘check in’ with us on our new social platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @enter_gallery

Tell us how you are feeling, your interferences and intentions for the day. We love hearing about how you have been enjoying art during lockdown, whether that’s more time spent at home with a beloved artwork, more time to create art yourself, or extra time to finally decorate and hang your art! Tell us what you think of this blog or tag us in your art at home! Let’s stay connected whilst apart until you can Enter Gallery.

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