Enter Gallery’s Staff Picks for March

As we roll into March and edge tantalisingly closer to spring, we’ve had lots of new and exciting original pieces and limited edition art prints arrive at Enter Gallery.

To help you find the perfect artwork this month, in today’s blog, Enter Gallery’s team of Art Consultants have selected their favourite new arrivals…  


Laura’s pick is New Composition by Joe Webb

New Composition limited edition art print by Joe Webb | Enter Gallery


“Joe Webb’s collages are always so existential, and that’s what I love about them. I find his latest piece, New Composition, really energising. It reminds me of the lovely fact that all humans are made of star dust, and makes me feel powerful. If you’re looking for an uplifting artwork that reminds you of the power you hold within, this is the piece for you.”


View artworks by Joe Webb.


Della’s pick is Neptune by Cosmo Sarson

Neptune, Copper limited edition print by Cosmo Sarson | Enter Gallery

“I love Neptune by Cosmo Sarson. It’s beautifully made and comes in two finishes, gold and copper – which is my personal favourite as I think it reflects the light of the city. The piece is based on an enormous mural on the new Edward Street Quarter, which you can see from close to the gallery. It’s a fabulous slice of Brighton, by a great local artist.”

Cosmo Sarson


View works by Cosmo Sarson.


Will’s pick is Black Anarchy by Jamie Reid

 Black Anarchy limited edition art print by Jamie Reid | Enter Gallery


“Reid’s work feels more relevant than ever at the moment, so it’s cool to see such an old work given new life in the form of a new limited edition print. Black Anarchy showcases fanzine culture better than any work we have by him. Really thick black silkscreen printing is what everyone used to do and what a lot of people still do in punk scenes, so it’s still relevant today after 60 odd years. It’s an incredible example of his early work, and given the story behind it, a real piece of punk history.”


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Megan’s pick is Let’s Get Lost Together by Poppy Faun

Let's Get Lost Together original artwork by Poppy Faun | Enter Gallery


Let’s Get Lost Together is my favourite piece from the set of four original works that Poppy Faun released in February. Although there appears to be a sad sentiment behind it, it’s also really romantic. There’s a real sweetness and lovely hopefulness to the piece. I just love Faun's visuals, it’s like being plunged into the seventies."


View works by Poppy Faun.

Emily’s pick is The Stolen Kiss by Richard Berner

Stolen Kiss limited edition art print by Richard Berner | Enter Gallery

“I’ve chosen Richard Berner’s new piece - his interpretation of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. I love seeing the way Berner is paying homage to the art world with his work, I think it’s really clever and fun. With every piece, he just gets better and better and I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes next with this kind of style.

The Stolen Kiss is a really beautiful piece, and all the gold makes it look really classy. I particularly enjoy that you can tell how much effort and thought goes into it. From a distance it looks great, but then you get in closer and see how much detail is in there – you’ll see something different every time.”


View works by Richard Berner.


Tim’s pick is Yantra Auric Field by Lauren Baker

Yantra Auric Field limited edition print by Lauren Baker | Enter Gallery

“I love Lauren Baker’s work because of how you can get lost in each piece. I was drawn to Yantra Auric Field because I like that there’s a really calming and mystical intention behind the piece which we can all do with at times. I admire the symbolism infused within the artwork, and I have a mathematical mind, so I love geometrics. The colourway is great too. It’s more subdued than some of the tones used in her other works, but still nice and calming. It's also great that Baker has created the piece in two different sizes to meet everyone's different budgets and wall requirements.”  


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Poppy’s pick is The Dance by Lee Eelus

The Dance limited edition art print by Lee Eelus | Enter Gallery

“I love Eelus’ new style. I’m absolutely in love with the colour palette of The Dance and how abstract it is. I’m drawn in and engaged by the colour, patterns and design, and how each element is woven together to create this joyful scene of people dancing. It’s such a happy piece.”


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Katherine’s pick is Coffee and Cigarettes by Bonnie and Clyde

Coffee and Cigarettes art print by Bonnie and Clyde | Enter Gallery

“I love all of Bonnie and Clyde’s work, as it makes me want to go on holiday. I like the dark background in Coffee and Cigarettes, which is in contrast to a lot of her pieces, which makes it really stand out. I love the piano keys at the bottom, and I like the fact that it’s a slightly smaller size which means that it’ll fit easier in the home."


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