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Lee Eelus

Lee Eelus is the moniker of Lee Pennington, whose art career began in the north of England in the late 80’s, selling hand-drawn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posters to his mates in the school playground for marginal profits.

Following a move to London in the early 00’s, Lee discovered the emerging world of street art, and began to experiment with his own stencil based works under the moniker of Eelus.

It was after Banksy encountered his work on the streets of East London that everything changed for Lee. His debut print edition, through the legendary 'Pictures on Walls', sold out in record time, securing his place as a favourite amongst collectors. Ever since, Lee has been painting and exhibiting across the world, alongside all the major players in the street art industry.

Determined to transform the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic into a catalyst for positive change, in early 2021 Lee decided to re-evaluate and reflect on his artistic practice. The result is not only a shift in name – from Eelus to Lee Eelus – but a radical shift in style and medium.

Combining elements from found imagery taken from pop culture, graphic design and art history, Lee showcases his vibrant visual language via paintings, prints, murals and 3D work. Infused with a sense of the search for balance, Lee’s artworks bring together opposing forces to explore the relationship between light and dark, the beauty in the mundane and the humour in the macabre.

Lee Eelus

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