Enter Gallery Sustainability – Introducing Connecting the Roots

‘A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.’ Greek proverb.

The next decade is vital for the future of our planet. If real steps aren’t taken to cut carbon emissions and restore vital ecosystems, who knows what the future holds.

Arctic tears by Joe Webb

Rather than sit around and hope that others will take the initiative, Enter Gallery is committed to being at the forefront of the movement. We are taking real steps to support and drive the change needed to make significant impact, and ultimately, reverse climate change.

Here is a summary of our current sustainability practices, plus exciting details on how we plan to make a bigger impact, and help other businesses to do the same…

What sustainability measures does Enter Gallery currently have in place?

Reduce, reuse, recycle: We recycle 77% of our packaging, offsetting 490kg of carbon dioxide each month, and offer incentives for returning packaging to the gallery.

Sustainable partners: Everyone we work with is committed to mitigating their impact on the environment.

Renewable Energy: All energy used at Enter Gallery is from renewable sources.

Paperless where possible: We issue digital receipts and documentation to avoid unnecessary printing.

You can read more about our sustainability practices here.

 Enough is Enough by Jamie Reid

But, we know this isn’t enough…

Although these small sustainable measures are important, we know that the only way we can meet our objective to become a carbon neutral business is to invest in a larger global project – and this leads us to what we have planned in 2021 and beyond.


Introducing Connecting the Roots!

We’re delighted to announce that this year, Enter Gallery will be investing £20,000 into a project called Connecting the Roots. The project is focused on rewilding vital eco-systems in Costa Rica – a nation which has been badly-affected by deforestation and cattle farming (two of the biggest causes of climate change).

For years, we’ve believed that reversing climate change can be done simply by planting trees. While reforestation does play a role, a much bigger impact can be had via ‘rewilding’ – a process that involves planting trees and plants that regenerate the biodiversity of an area, replicating the eco-system that existed before it was destroyed by human activity.

Sustainability at Enter Gallery

(Since the 1950's, 60% of Costa Rica's natural habitats have been cleared to make pastures for cattle ranching.) 

Rewilding has been identified as the most effective, and lowest cost way of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In fact, by rewilding just 30% of the planet’s key eco-systems (alongside protecting our current ecosystems), it will be possible to prevent more than 70% of predicted extinctions, and soak up 465 billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2030. This is the equivalent of reducing all the carbon that human behaviour has built up over the last two centuries by 49%.

Connecting the Roots Costa Rica 

(This Eagle's Nest land was once dense tropical dry forest.)

Enter Gallery’s funding will be put towards launching Connecting the Roots, and supporting them in their goal to rewild 10,000 hectares of vital biological corridor, which runs from Diria National Park to the Pacific Ocean.

The strategy for the project has been created in conjunction with forestry experts with more than 20 years’ experience working in the forests of Costa Rica. Also, it has been planned in line with the 10 golden rules for rewilding outlined by the team of scientists at Kew Gardens.

Each year, from 2022 onwards, we will commit a further £10,000 to the project, increasing the area that Enter Gallery is responsible for rewilding by one hectare per year.


A personal connection…

Enter Gallery’s commitment to sustainability is driven by Founder, Lawrence Alkin and Connecting the Roots is a project close to his heart.

When he isn’t discovering new artists, Lawrence spends time in Costa Rica. He was originally drawn to the country due to its beautiful climate, laid-back ethos and its status as one of only five of the world’s Blue Zones – regions where people have been proven to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

After multiple visits, Lawrence fell in love with the country, and realised the huge role that the nation has to play in reversing climate change. He decided to invest in the country and is now co-owner of Eagle’s Nest – a 67-hectare plot of land, wildlife sustainability project and venue of eco-excellence, that is the headquarters of Connecting the Roots.

 Eagles Nest Costa Rica

(The effect of deforestation on this area of Costa Rica has seen species wiped out, increased likelihood of natural disasters, rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns.)

50 of the 67 hectares of Eagle’s Nest land have been set aside as nature reserve, which will be rewilded and never be built on. The eco-retreat has facilities for researchers, educators and companies to visit, spend time in nature, learn about the native wildlife, and participate in the rewilding project..

Lawrence Alkin Connecting the Roots

(Rewilding pastures, like this one seen at Eagle's Nest, will return native wildlife to the area, bring water back to the region year round, and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.)

Through Connecting the Roots, companies will be able to offset their carbon footprints, and play a vital role in preserving our planet for generations to come

If you’re interested in being involved in Connecting the Roots, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.

Let’s change the world!


Connecting the Roots (Reg. No. 13978484) is incorporated in England and Wales. Registered office: 13 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD. Connecting the Roots is a registered charity in England and Wales, charity number 1200863