Geckor launches at Enter Gallery

Leighton McIntosh, known professionally as Geckor, is a fresh new artist we are excited to welcome to Enter Gallery.

Geckor artist bio

Fascinated with drawing from a young age, Geckor’s electrifying artworks merge acrylic painting with graphic design to re-imagine his favourite childhood cartoons.

Geckor Taz

A professional footballer-turned-artist, Geckor has re-discovered his first love…art.

“I think I was more into art than I was football when I was a lot younger. I have always been athletic and that took over naturally – but my love for art has never really died down.”

Wabbit Geckor

With a mixture of sharp lines and vibrant colours, Geckor’s eye-catching designs are available in as a range of original canvases exploring an alternative world of pop culture where anything goes.

“I love cartoons and when I was growing up I would watch them all the time on television (and still do). I would try to recreate the characters and I still do that but now I have developed my own brand and style.”

WileyED Geckor

Exploring techniques of geometric abstraction, distortion and transparency which result in sophisticated, yet fun creations of nostalgic pop icons. The 'spiralled eyes' featured in his work were originally used to portay bemusement in characters which heightened his warped designs and have now evolved into the signature detail of his work. 

Putty Tat Geckor

Enter Gallery passionately supports emerging talent alongside with more established artists. Geckor will join the likes of Grayson Perry, Damien Hirst and Sir Peter Blake as well as local artists such as Richard Berner and Bonnie and Clyde in our unique curation of contemporary art that breaks down barriers of elitism in the artworld.

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