Hannah Shillito hosts regal Kids Club

This weekend, the royal children of the realm of Brighton paraded to Enter Gallery for our monthly Kids Club - one of the best art events in Brighton for your little ones.

In October, the popular event was hosted by Brighton-artist, Hannah Shillito – an artist known for attention-grabbing and playful work that emanates pleasure and positivity.

Yas Queen Corgi Diamante Pink And Orange, Diamond Dust by Hannah Shillito

Here are some highlights from the morning…

 Hannah Shillito hosts Enter Gallery's Kids Club | Enter Gallery

The morning’s activities were a nod to Shillito’s hugely-popular, Yas Queen piece, which sees Queen Elizabeth sporting a crown and a stylish corgi-design collar.


Hannah Shillito hosts Enter Gallery's October 2022 Kids Club


Shillito had an extravagant morning of fun planned, which included decorating crowns, colouring in corgis and getting the children to draw around their own outlines so they could then decorate themselves as Kings and Queens, in only the finest royal regalia.

Hannah Shillito hosts Enter Gallery October 2022 Kids Club


Hannah Shillito hosts Enter Gallery's October 2022 Kids Club



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