Mark Vessey launches Hip Hop at Enter Gallery

Last Thursday, Enter Gallery celebrated the release of a new piece by Brighton’s favourite photographic artist, Mark Vessey. Hip Hop is the latest artwork from Vessey's enormously-popular Collections series, in which he brings together vinyl records that define a genre, or that immortalise the record collections of musical icons like Norman Cook and Simon Dunmore.  

Hip Hop, Medium art print by Mark Vessey | Enter Gallery

In this new artwork, Vessey presents us with 88 of hip hop’s most influential albums, paying homage to everyone from Salt-N-Pepa and Naughty by Nature, to Mos Def, and LL Cool J.

This was the second Mark Vessey artwork to launch at Enter Gallery in 2023. As always, it was a great party, with local DJ, Burnt Toast spinning the hip hop soundtrack of our dreams. In today’s blog, we’re providing some snaps of the night, and revealing which hip hop legends got to see their appearance in the artwork first hand...   






Vessey Meets the Jungle Brothers

When we interviewed Vessey about his artwork prior to the launch, he pointed out that some of his chosen records were so seminal that they featured in the collections of every hip hop expert he spoke to. One of these records was Straight Out of the Jungle by The Jungle Brothers.


Imagine our delight when we spotted that The Jungle Brothers were playing in Brighton on the same night as the launch! Before the show, we headed down to The Arch so that Vessey could gift one of his new prints to some of the hip hop legends that inspired it.   



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