Sneak Peeks from our 2023 Art Yard Sale ONLINE

Mark the date in your diaries - Enter Gallery’s beloved Art Yard Sale is going online! For one weekend in November, we’re bringing the magic of our beloved summer event to you, and this time, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

Enter Gallery’s Art Yard Sale ONLINE is taking place from 9am on Friday 3rd November until 9am on Monday 6th November. During this period, an incredible selection of original and limited edition artworks will be available to buy at very enticing Art Yard Sale ONLINE prices.

Over the weekend, there will also be 25% off framing, both online and in the gallery.

This year, over 30 of the UK’s most exciting contemporary artists are taking part, including the likes of Haus of Lucy, Magnus Gjoen, Eddy Bennett and more.

While we don’t want to give away all the surprises, we also appreciate that a sneak peek is always fun. So, in today’s blog, we’re providing a little behind-the-scenes glimpse at a selection of works that you’ll be able to bag come November 3rd


Joe Webb

Joe Webb’s celestial creations always draw the crowds at our Art Yard Sale. His existential collages, made from reworked imagery, are enormously-popular for their clever, and at times sentimental, exploration of everything from love and longing, to our neglect of the planet.


Limited edition art prints by Joe Webb | Enter Gallery


For the Art Yard Sale ONLINE, Webb is bringing us a mini print version of one of his most popular (and completely sold out) artworks, Wish You Were Here.  



The piece sees a relaxed pair reclining in deck chairs, enjoying a view of a shimmering planet Earth. Webb’s artwork is a reminder of the power of connection, and of spending time with loved ones, doing nothing more than simply watching the world go by.



Hannah Shillito

In addition to her fabulous wardrobe, Brighton’s brightest artist, Hannah Shillito, is known for high-profile collaborations with the likes of Baga Chipz and Yan Skates of Netflix’s Big Flower Fight. Her work is now in the personal collections of big names like John Cooper Clarke, Yungblud, and Enter Gallery’s own, Arron Crascall.  


Limited edition art prints by Hannah Shillito | Enter Gallery


For the Art Yard Sale ONLINE, Shillito is also bringing us a mini print of one of her most popular editions, and it’s another that sold out fast.

Destroy the Patriarchy, Not the Planet is a stylish triptych that empowers us to fight for progress, while protecting our beautiful planet.


Caroline Chinakwe

Caroline Chinakwe is a Nigerian-born, London-based, mixed media artist known for unapologetic art that captures the beauty found in black culture and style.

Limited edition art prints by Caroline Chinakwe | Enter Gallery


With over 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry, every striking piece Chinakwe creates is infused with her unique sense of style. Chinakwe’s subjects all have one thing in common - a sense of empowered confidence that radiates from the artwork and emboldens the observer.  

For the Art Yard Sale ONLINE, Chinakwe has created Ndidi exclusively for Enter Gallery. Ndidi means ‘patience’ within the Nigerian Igbo tribe and is inspired by one of Chinakwe’s own poems, which we’re delighted to share here…


When Things Come Together

When things come together

Though life may fall apart

With every struggle and every scar

We find a strength within our heart

Tradition, a source of pride and identity

An anchor for their heritage, for all eternity

With proverbs steeped in wisdom and truth

Their cultural heritage, a treasured proof.

When things come together

Though the pieces may be scattered

They hold on to the wisdom of their ancestors

For they too have known what it is to be battered

Strength is drawn from their ancestral roots

Their legacy and history, they celebrate and extol

For they know they stand on the shoulders of giants

Their culture, a symbol of resilience and defiance.

And when things come together, they stand as one

Their roots and traditions, under the rising sun

For in their culture, they find meaning and purpose

Honour, Culture, Strength, Tradition, Endurance.


B-side the Seaside – Vintage Shuffle

Following her completely sold out collaboration with Fatboy Slim, Salisbury collage artist, Vintage Shuffle is back at it, creating joyful collages centred around her passion for music, theatre and all things popular culture.

Limited edition and original prints by Vintage Shuffle | Enter Gallery


For the Art Yard Sale ONLINE, Vintage Shuffle has created a piece especially for the good people of Brighton. B-side the Seaside celebrates everything that is glorious about our city by the sea.


The artwork combines vintage imagery of people enjoying some beach time with nods to the culture of Brighton, including everything from Fatboy Slim and Sting in his starring role in Quadrophenia, to the seagulls that patrol our skies on the hunt for chips.  


Jayson Lilley

Another artist paying homage to Brighton in this years’ Art Yard Sale ONLINE is Jayson Lilley – an artist with a reputation for stylish recreations of the world’s most iconic vistas.

 Limited edition art prints by Jayson Lilley | Enter Gallery


Now, perhaps we’re biased, but we think there’s many views around Brighton that deserve the Lilley treatment, but none more so than the ravaged remains of our beloved West Pier.


In Seashore Life, Lilley places two people in deckchairs enjoying the view of a West Pier depicted in 22ct gold leaf. What makes this piece so special is that each artwork in the limited edition of 30 is printed onto a Vintage Ladybird Book, making it the perfect choice for those that love nothing more than reading at the beach.

Discover everything you need to know about this Enter Gallery’s Art Yard Sale ONLINE here, including when you can view the artworks at the gallery, and all of the discounts you’ll enjoy over this very special weekend.