Win a collection of art worth £2,000!

Win an Art Collection

2023 has been a particularly exciting year at Enter Gallery - a positive whirlwind of launches, pop-ups and private views both in Brighton and further afield where we’ve showcased the work of artists, old and new.

To end a great year in style, we’re delighted to announce a truly special art competition giving you the chance to win a collection of art from our new artists valued at over £2,000!

In today’s blog, we’re revealing everything you need to know about our most exciting competition of the year…

Kick start your collection

The lucky winner of our new artist competition will take home our 2023 New Artist Collection – a selection of seven limited edition artworks, each created by an artist we’ve introduced to the gallery this year. Each artwork in this collection is available exclusively at Enter Gallery.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of starting an enviable art collection, or you’re keen to add the work of emerging contemporary artists to an existing collection, this competition is for you!


Introducing the Artworks

The first piece in this exceptional collection is Joker (Silver) by Kazakhstani-Canadian artist, Ola Volo. Volo joined us back in April to paint her first mural in the UK, and the artwork was such a hit with the people of Brighton that we released it as a limited edition print.

Joker limited edition art print by Ola Volo | Enter Gallery

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Next up, we have Florida by Layla Andrews – a piece that showcases Andrews’ talent as a painter and features the crocodiles for which she is best known. As a new collector of Andrews’ work, you’ll be in good company – her work has caught the eye of many a high profile collector, including Stephen Fry and Barack Obama.  

Florida limited edition art print by Layla Andrews | Enter Gallery

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Back in August, we introduced Vintage Shuffle to Enter Gallery at one of our most raucous events of the year. Vintage Shuffle’s debut collection with us was EAT SLEEP RAVE - a collaboration with Fatboy Slim that sold out fast. B-Side the Seaside is Vintage Shuffle’s homage to Brighton and everything that makes it such a special place.  

B-Side the Seaside art print by Vintage Shuffle | Enter Gallery


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Next up, we have Mind Over Money by London-based artist, Arthur. This artwork is a prime example of the graffiti hand-style that makes Arthur one of the most exciting street artists currently making the transition from street to gallery.  

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Another piece up for grabs in our 2023 New Artist Collection is The Moon Will Set 1 by Caroline Chinakwe - an artist known for empowering works that capture the beauty found in black culture and style. 

This piece is from Chinakwe’s 2023 While I’m On Pause series, in which she pays tribute to the ‘flamboyance and fearlessness’ of Erykah Badu, Prince and David Bowie.  


The Moon Will Set 1 by Caroline Chinakwe | Enter Gallery 

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Since exploding onto the art scene, The Cameron Twins have been attracting international attention with their unique brand of over-saturated pop art. In All Dolled Up, the pair celebrate vintage advertising and iconic childhood dolls.


All Dolled Up art print by The Cameron Twins | Enter Gallery

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Having risen through the ranks of the UKs early 2000s street art scene, Ben Slow is another artist now making waves on the gallery space. Lessons Learnt Along the Way is a great example of his stylised abstract portraits that are each infused with an autobiographical slant.

Lessons Learnt Along the Way by Ben Slow | Enter Gallery

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How to Enter

Simply fill in the below form to enter for a chance to win. If you have already subscribed to Enter Gallery's newsletter, then good news - you have automatically been entered already! 

A winner will be announced on Friday 2nd February via email.