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Craig Keenan

Craig Keenan is a London-based multidisciplinary printmaker, and teacher of screenprinting, known for his cobalt blue dream worlds, inspired by the natural world. 

Keenan’s primary creative output is cyanotypes, a historical method which involves mixing specific chemicals together, applying them to surface, and then exposing that canvas to light to create deep blues reminiscent of the cosmos or the deepest ocean.

The limits of the process, alongside its unpredictable nature are what keeps Keenan engaged in Cyanotyping as his main medium. Speaking of what he likes about the process, he explains: ‘I love the depth and richness of colour that the cyanotype process produces. Also, as a medium it sits somewhere between painting, photography and printmaking, which allows me to combine art and science. I like having constraints within creativity – a blank canvas and infinite possibility can be a daunting prospect, so being tied to a specific colour is actually quite freeing.’

Craig Keenan

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