Art Yard Sale: Tips for getting the most from the day

On Sunday June 5th, Enter Gallery's Art Yard Sale is returning to Jubilee Square in Brighton. This is your chance to purchase special pieces directly from over 30 leading contemporary artists for bargain Art Yard Sale prices. 

Enter Gallery's Art Yard Sale 2022 | Enter Gallery


If you want to attack the Art Yard Sale like a pro, AKA snap up the best bargains and special pieces, here are four handy tips to ensure you get the most from the day.

1 – Exchange your money before 11am: On the day, we use Enter Gallery Money at the sale. To be able to make your purchases, bring cash to the event, and we will exchange it for special Art Yard Sale money. 

You can either rock up at any time and get your Art Yard Sale money at the kiosk at the entrance to Jubilee Square, or - if you want to be one of the first people at the sale, ready to buy the minute the gates open, we advise visiting Enter Gallery on Bond Street between 9 - 11am on the morning of the event to exchange your money in advance. That way you won’t have to waste time that could be spent securing the best finds waiting in line for cash. 

You can exchange any Enter Gallery Money you have left over before 5pm at the kiosk in Jubilee Square.

2 – Arrive early:
The early bird was onto something – arrive promptly to snap up the best finds before the crowds descend. This is an incredibly popular community event – we’re expecting a lot of people.  

3 – Chat to the artists
: This is your chance to discover new artists and to meet the artists you admire, so don’t be shy! You’ll find many artworks will have stories behind them, or involve incredible artistic techniques.


Art Yard Sale 2022 | Enter Gallery

It’s also likely your favourite artist might be planning a live demo at some point in the day. In past years, artists have hand-finished, customised, spray painted, silk-screened and everything in between, live on their market stall. You might even be able to snap up a piece that you can witness being hand-finished. Strike up conversation and see what the artists have planned.

4 – Follow the Art Yard Sale on Instagram: In the run up to the event, each day there will be a different artist takeover on the @art_yard_sale Instagram account. This is your chance to get to know the artists and see sneak peeks of what they will be selling on the day. It’s also where you’ll learn about those special pieces, live demos, and all other exciting Art Yard Sale related news.

Follow @art_yard_sale today. 


Enter Gallery's 2022 Art Yard Sale is taking place on Sunday June 5th from 11am - 5pm in Jubilee Square, Brighton.

If you have any questions about the event, read our blog covering everything you need to know about how the sale works, or give the gallery a call on 01273 724829.