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Thirsty Bstrd

Thirsty Bstrd (aka Julien Surdeau) is a French visual artist from Paris. Using spray paint, stencils, stickers and videos, his work is a satirical commentary about society, politics and consumerism. By giving powerful symbols and popular images a humorous twist, Thirsty BSTRD’s work is emotive and thought provoking.

From 2011 to 2015, Julien was the artistic director of his own creative agency based in Paris. In addition to his inventive works for companies, he was a curator and organiser of several urban art exhibitions in Paris and Los Angeles, showing his own art at every opportunity.

His work has featured in solo and group shows and can be found worldwide in numerous private collections. Thirsty Bstrd’s pieces have also attracted attention in several art auctions generating a great amount of enthusiasm.

Thirsty Bstrd

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