Prefab77 drop in new prints

Causing a real stir in our Brighton gallery this week are the amazing collective from Newcastle, Prefab77.

Prefab77 have just dropped into the gallery a selection of their hottest prints to date and what a delivery it is. Many of the pieces that the guys dropped down have blown our customers away with the hand finishing and spray paint on ‘The Intruder’ and the amazing depth of detail on ‘Roller’.

The collective Prefab77 have been one of the street arts scenes most under rated stars and only now are they really getting the credit that they thoroughly deserve.

The guys from up north have been quietly getting on with what they do best which is produce some of the best quality prints you will find from any artist in our gallery.

Prefab77 are also involved in the street art scene in a big way and when I say big I mean BIG. These guys do nothing by half and there street work reflects this with paste up murals as high as a house.

Prefab77 take their inspiration from all sorts of places including the punk movement, British royalty, NME magazine and British patriotism. All these aspects can be seen in the prints that we have in the gallery.

Keep an eye on Prefab77 this year as big things are to come for this collective and with the quality of their work continuing to grab new fans, 2009 will be the year that they cement themselves as one of the best teams around.