13th January: Enter Gallery's Rare Print Show

While Friday 13th may be unlucky for some, at Enter Gallery it’s quite the opposite, for it’s the night we’re throwing open the doors to our archives to bring you our highly-anticipated Rare Print Show!

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Join us on 13th January from 6pm - 8pm at Enter Gallery for a Private View of our first show of 2023. This is your opportunity to buy rare and collectible works of art from some of the most influential artists of our age. This year’s show features pieces from the likes of Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami and more.

In today’s blog, we’re providing a sneak peek at three oeuvre-defining pieces that will be included in the show to give you a sense of just how special an opportunity Enter Gallery’s Rare Print Show really is…

Figure at Wash Basin – Francis Bacon

Own a slice of art history, with Figure at Wash Basin - an exquisite and suitably-haunting master work from Francis Bacon.

Figure at Wash Basin, 1976 by Francis Bacon | Enter Gallery  

Created in 1976, this painting is a prime example of Bacon’s oeuvre in that it showcases the artist’s ongoing fascination with the human form. The composition of this artwork is typical of Bacon’s work, with the action happening in the centre, and the surroundings and background being somewhat geometric in shape.  


Tryptophan – Damien Hirst

Since he exploded onto the art scene as one of the controversial Young British Artists, Damien Hirst’s art has shocked, appalled and divided opinion, all while raking in enough cash to earn him the title of the ‘UKs richest living artist’.


Tryptophan limited edition art print by Damien Hirst | Enter Gallery


Tryptophan is your chance to own one of Hirst’s instantly-recognisable and highly-collectible spot paintings. From his 2010 12 Woodcut Spots series, this exploration of colour is reminiscent of his coveted Pharmaceutical paintings, which span his career and count as some of his most prolific works.

Speaking of the works, which take their titles from chemical company Sigma-Aldrich’s ‘Biochemicals for Research and Diagnostic Reagents’, Hirst comments,

“To create that structure, to do those colours, and do nothing. I suddenly got what I wanted. It was just a way of pinning down the joy of colour.”


Flowers of Gratitude – Takashi Murakami

If you’ve always wanted to add one of Japanese artist, Murakami’s ‘superflat’ pieces to your art collection, Flowers of Gratitude is as oeuvre-defining as it gets.

Flowers of Gratitude by Takashi Murakami | Enter Gallery

This happy piece depicts the artist’s most recognisable motif – his grinning flower balls. Murakami’s smiling blooms were inspired by his time as an art teacher, where he would bring in fresh flowers every day for his pupils to recreate.

Finding himself quite taken with the personalities of flowers, Murakami created the flower balls that have gone on to define his career. The symbols are intended as a celebration of joy and innocence.


The Rare Print Show will run from 13th - 22nd January at Enter Gallery, Brighton. Join us at the Private View from 6pm - 8pm on Friday 13th January.

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