Modern Toss at The Ivy

On the 24th September, after the briefest of summer intervals, artrepublic Soho returned with a bang to The Loft Club at The Ivy to showcase the totally brilliant Modern Toss and a preview of their new film.

If you have somehow managed to avoid Modern Toss thus far we might question where you’ve been for the past few years. Having said that the world doesn’t completely evolve around us nor does it around ‘The Toss’.

So if you are unaware, in a nutshell, Modern Toss is a British series of cartoons, books, a television series and a soon to be released film all aimed at adults. Jon Link and Mick Bunnage are the Writers, Cartoonists and Animators behind the ultra stylish and hilarious comic and TV series that has over the last year or so rapidly risen to attain a cult status.

They have written, designed and directed two Rose d'or nominated series of their own Modern Toss (6 x 24 minute episode) cartoon sketch show, broadcast on UK 's Channel 4 in 2006 and 2008. A mixture of edgy, scratchy, blunt talking animated characters with bizarre and surreal live action. The second series was broadcast in the U.S on the IFC channel in March 2009.

In 2008 they wrote, designed and directed a highly acclaimed 13 minute Animation Short - "Work Experience'"- for E4 based on cartoons they draw regularly for the Guardian newspaper. They have produced 5 best selling books of their cartoons, published by Macmillans in the UK and the US.

In addition to all of this Jon and Mick produce artwork that accompanies their illustrated and animated work featuring their most recognisable characters. They have had work printed by the now iconic print studios POW and have featured in galleries and ‘art shops’ literally everywhere, but chiefly in London and their native Brighton. Aslo available are their amazing and rather stylish range of bags.

An update on their brilliant new film will shortly arrive no doubt in the coming month after its debut on the BBC.

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