Looking Sound – LIVE VISUAL AUDIO Exhibition @ Brighton Media Centre Gallery

Looking Sound will play host to an exhibition that showcases the content and concept from their Live Visual Audio event at this years 2010 Brighton Fringe Festival that was held at Riki Tik and sponsored by the Brighton gallery.

Fantastic LIVE art material and projected visual/audio soundscapes are all part of this truly unique exhibition. If you savor the delights of Audio/Visual art and performance, here is your sensory overload. Free to the public all weekend. On display will be 6 canvases created by 6 artists during the LIVE event in May 2010, which represent each artist’s visualisation of the audio sound tracks that they listened to as stimulus during the event.

Along side the canvases original Animations of the artists working on the pieces will also be displayed. These never before seen animations will give an insight into the process through which the canvas was created and how the shapes and marks on the canvass relate to the audio the inspired them. The Live Visual Audio Exhibition at the Brighton Media Gallery extends the concept of the Live Visual Audio Fringe Event to a wider audience outside of a LIVE event environment, using a public gallery as a new contextual space. The Exhibition will showcase the work of live artists: Adam Bartlett, Amos Shein, Jamie Shaw, Mark Grizenko, Darren Dewone and Julian Thomasett Audio soundtrack made exclusively by Blackmass plastics, Scanone, Shallow and the Deep and Jim Shimmer.

Looking Sound is a collective that pursues the evolving paths of visual and interactive art with electronic music. Born in the summer of 2009 Looking Sound continues to explore and create one of Brighton’s unique ONLY visual/audio events. Holding Riki Tik’s monthly flagship night, guest artists have included JFB (LIVE AV set), Adam Elemental (LIVE Dubstep), VJ Devon Miles (LIVE VJ) to name but a few. Concentrating the relationship between video and audio within one event space and environment.


SHOW TIMES: 4th September 10-5pm + private view from 7pm-10pm 5th September 11-7pm