Video: Soho gallery highlights, inc. Dave White, Magnus Gjoen & Justine Smith limited edition art prints

View our collectable art highlights for May 2013 by taking a walk around the walls of our London gallery. Gallery Manager Sam Rhodes takes you through three fantastic art works including an outstanding Dave White limited edition, the first ever lenticular by Magnus Gjoen and an amazing Justine Smith art work created with world currency.

Dave White, ‘Butterfly’ art print: “These prints are insanely good. The quality is amazing, it looks like original. This was taken from a watercolour from a show called Natural Selection that we did last summer… It’s signed in pencil and numbered in pencil out of 50. It’s on a really nice heavy art stock paper so looks and has the feel of the original watercolour.”

Magnus Gjoen, ‘Roses are Dead’ lenticular on acrylic: “This work is by London born Norwegian artist Magnus Gjoen… His background is in print design; he worked in the fashion industry with Vivienne Westwood so his work has a very macabre element to it. This lenticular, which is his first foray into 3D work, is gearing up to what will be his first original solo exhibition which is forthcoming this May.”

Justine Smith, ‘Time is Money’ art print: “Justine Smith is an interesting artist because when studying at art she left and went to work in the currency market in the city for a number of years before returning back to her art. That’s primarily the focus for a lot of her work, it’s all currency based. This print is taken from an original using the real currency. This print is particularly nice because of the metallic backing.”