Video: Soho gallery highlights

View our collectable art highlights for June 2013 by taking a walk around the walls of our London gallery.

Gallery Manager, Sam Rhodes takes you through three fantastic art works including an outstanding Russell Marshall limited edition featuring celebrity mug shots, a stunning Audrey Hepburn portrait by Pure Evil and an amazing signed limited edition art work by Charming Baker.


Russell Marshall, ‘Photo Opportunity Portrait’, Silkscreen: “Russell Marshall used to work in the newspaper industry as a journalist; he was a photo editor, so he’s worked with the glamorous side of celebrity for many years. A lot of his art is about showing the darker side of celebrity, and showing them not quite as they want to be seen. It’s a really good value piece. The imagery is just fantastic, mug shots of famous celebrities is always going to be a winner.”

Pure Evil, ‘Mel Ferrer’s Nightmare – Grey’, Silkscreen: “This is a whole series that Pure Evil has been doing for a year and a bit. Basically it is rehashing the idea of celebrity portrait with a good twist, turning it into the partner’s nightmare from the marriage. This is Audrey Hepburn, its part of two prints that were done, one in shocking pink and this one is the grey version. It is signed with Charlie’s [Pure Evil’s] vampire bunny signature. Pure Evil is arguably the most prolific street artist on the planet.”

Charming Baker, ‘Conservation Piece (Shot in The Arse)’, Giclee and Silkscreen: “His rise over the last few years has been stratospheric, likened only to Banksy in recent history. The piece is signed, an edition, and stamped by the artist. It’s a combination of digital and silkscreen which creates a nice texture, especially on the black which is very velvety. Charming is very strong at the moment, it commands good prices and his work is a very good investment.”