Christmas art gift ideas from Enter Gallery Brighton

Whoever you are buying for whether it’s a treat for yourself or a lovely Christmas present and whatever your budget, there is something to suit everyone.

There is such a wide variety of prints from a huge range of artists that we are sure we can provide you with a beautiful print. Here’s a few ideas from our best selling prints to inspire you….

What better way to treat a loved one than with a Damien Hirst Butterfly? They are phenomenally beautiful images created by delicate a process of foil blocking to create these wonderfully ethereal creatures The Souls. Four different shaped butterflies have been made in several colour combinations to suit most tastes ranging from subtle and delicate to bold and striking. Each one only an edition of 15 they are great collectors pieces as well as being great eye candy!

Please call into Brighton gallery to enquire about colours and edition numbers available., or you can phone us on +44 (0)1273 724829.

Magnus Gjoen continues to be popular in the Brighton gallery with his distinctive digital prints of ceramic-like images. Titian Machine Gun is a powerful print of a gun that appears three-dimensional overlaying the image with a pattern, in this instance a Renaissance masterpiece from Titian. There are also a few remaining prints of the Delft series, Scarab, Machine Gun, Grenade and Grenade Launcher beautifully fresh clean images in the blue and white design traditionally used on ceramics.

Photo Opportunity always attracts a lot of attention in the Gallery, people love to guess who and work out why they were papped by the police. Russell Marshall has taken genuine mug shots of the rich and famous and lined them up in an identity parade. Arrested for drugs, guns, larsony, adultery, drunkenness… you couldn’t get more rock and roll than this lot! It comes in several quirkily named colourways too “Oscar Gold”, “Prison Orange” “Green Room” and “Red Top”

Or finally, how about a print from the winning combination of Kozy from Japan and Dan from America that make up Kozyndan. Inspired by classical Japanese landscapes with a generous splash of surrealism makes all of their pieces best sellers for us. In particular the four prints that make up the seasons Uprising, Bunny Blossom, The Bunnies Fall and Grey Hares, are great as individual prints, even better as s set of four!

If you would like further information of available works or to enquire about other works and artist’s we have in the gallery please call +44 (0)1273 724829.