New York Adventures with Ben Eine

One of our directors, Lindsay, has just got back from a few days in New York catching up with the State-side urban art adventures of fellow Brit Ben Eine...

Best known for his alphabet sprayed London shop shutters, Eine’s latest canvas is a stretch of Soho scaffolding. He has just created a massive mural on the scaffolding of a former chocolate factory in the process of being converted into a condo building. The striking street art piece with Eine’s signature lettering was commissioned by real estate company DDG. Brightening up New York’s grey winter days, giant purple letters spell “THAT’s ENTERTAINMENT.ISH” on a bold orange background.

As well as braving the cold to admire his street art creation Lindsay also visited Ben Eine’s first solo New York City exhibition, ‘Heartfelt’. The show, which opened on Wednesday, is a colourful celebration of Eine’s font fixation. It is wonderfully wry, witty and technically accomplished. Lindsay informs us that it is definitely worth a trip across the pond to visit..