Upcoming Lawrence Alkin Gallery Exhibition 'Resurrection' by Jessica Albarn Featured in the Independent Today

As our sister gallery in Soho, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, prepare to unveil an exceptional solo show by Jessica Albarn, the artist discusses her drawings of dead insects, her unusual passion for extinct creatures and her idyllic childhood with older brother Damon (of Blur and Gorillaz fame) in the Independent newspaper.

Describing Jessica Albarns’ fascination with arthropods, Lepidoptera and bees, Victoria-Anne Bull writes in the Independent, “Her new show, ‘Resurrection’, at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery in central London this month is a play on the fact that she immortalises these creatures through the graceful strokes of her pencil and paintbrush”

“I’m not very good with slugs and worms, anything that is slimy or decomposing doesn’t attract me,” confesses Jessica, “but death, when it’s dried and dead, I find fascinating.” Her exhibition ‘Resurrection’ will revise the lost beauty of the dead, treasuring the extinct, rare and endangered in our natural world. It’s open at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery from June 13th to 28th.

Image credits: David Sandison www.independent.co.uk

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