Exclusive new Hutch prints

When Brighton based stencil graffiti artist Hutch approached us and asked if he could do something on the outside of our gallery we jumped at the chance.

The result was this pair of boy and girl jugglers which have now been re-created as an exclusive limited edition print of 50 and as a canvas limited edition of just 5.

If you are a follower of urban art you may have seen Hutch’s work at the now infamous ‘Cans Festival’ where an unused road tunnel in South London was transformed into a cutting edge exhibition space by some of the world’s top graffiti artists.

Hutch has been decorating the streets of Brighton with his distinctive stencils and paste-ups for a good few years now. He has considerable knowledge & understanding of the versatility of the stencil, not just for use with spray cans but also as a medium for creating his own limited edition art prints and T-shirts.

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