Lawrence Alkin Gallery, the new name for the Soho gallery

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Our London gallery, in the heart of Soho, has always brought you exceptionally collectable and rare limited edition and original art from today’s most sought-after artists. From 30th October 2013 we’re giving our Soho space a brand new name, Lawrence Alkin Gallery.

Exciting changes

Lawrence Alkin Gallery will remain committed to ultra collectable works by top artists such as Dave White, Banksy and Sir Peter Blake, but we also have some fantastic changes in store:

You’ll still find us at 42 New Compton Street and our dedicated team of Sam Rhodes (Gallery Director) and Laura Rivas Lopez (Gallery Consultant) remain on hand to offer all the expert advice you need.

Our Soho space has been open for six years, nurturing and showcasing a diverse collection of new, exciting artists. Lawrence Alkin Gallery marks a new phase in the fascinating history of 42 New Compton Street. The gallery was previously named Tom Tom gallery, the boutique space was once owned by Sixties visionary Tommy Roberts. The unsung hero of British design, Roberts left his mark on swinging sixties London and the careers of Rock and fashion legends. Now the Lawrence Alkin Gallery is preparing to leave its mark on the London art scene!

Limited Edition Art Prints | Enter Gallery

Limited Edition Art Prints | Enter Gallery

The Lawrence Alkin Gallery takes its name from the boundless CEO of the gallery, Lawrence Alkin, a leading figure in the UK art market for over 20 years. Lawrence’s ability to take a fresh approach has kept him at the forefront of the collectable prints market. His namesake gallery will embody all of the creativity and character of the man himself!

The Lawrence Alkin Gallery will proudly continue the Soho gallery and Tommy Roberts tradition of showcasing the finest cutting-edge art. Our Soho space will remain a beacon of the best of British and worldwide art and a destination for expert art advice.


Lawrence Alkin Gallery is part of the history of Enter Gallery, find out more.