New Release by Mike Edwards in the Brighton Gallery

Down at the Brighton Gallery we are very excited to see local artist Mike Edwards brand new release ‘Keith Richards’. The typography master is well known for his ‘readable’ visual images made out of text. With a love for Rock and Roll icons in his previous best selling prints, 'Keith Richards’ is undoubtedly a next favourite for any rock and roll fans.

The image is of 'Keith Richards’ from the world famous and revolutionary band ‘The Rolling Stones’. When viewed from a distance the letters merge to create an image with a photographic-like quality, but up close you realise it has been made up different song titles from the iconic band. Mike Edwards is one of the pioneers of contemporary Typography Art.

His medium is predominantly paint, "liberated by Photoshop." The method is "insanely painstaking" and has taken years to develop. His distinctive portraiture form of typographic art is very labour intensive and he has joked, "sometimes it drives me to the edge of quitting and getting a day job as an abstract expressionist or a minimalist or something."

This Giclee signed limited edition print is of 100. Don’t miss out on this typography masterpiece!