Grande Dame has blown us away with her exciting new hot releases down at the Brighton Gallery...

Grande Dame, otherwise known as Tiff McGinnis, a self taught multimedia artist, passionate about creating animations, writing music, and a creator of audio/visual storytelling. Her work is joyful, psychedelic and energetic and we can’t get enough of it down at our Brighton gallery!

Grande Dame is originally from the Deep South of Columbus, Georgia, but has been based in the UK since early 2001 and is currently living locally in Hastings. Ever since Tiff can remember, she has been afflicted with synaesthesia – an acute sensitivity to sound, which in her case creates colourful images in her mind upon hearing music.

Her work printmaking kicked off after producing prints from her music video 'The Shakes'. She recently showcased her work at our sister gallery Ink_d which was a great success. These wonderful vibrant prints are all limited edition runs, signed and numbered. Don’t miss out on these wonderful limited editions!

Ink-d is part of the history of Enter Gallery, find out more.