An original, signed Faile print not-to-be-missed

The Soho gallery presents ‘Stories of Forbidden Love’

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We’ve managed to get hold of an amazing signed original artwork by the elite of the international street art scene, Faile. ‘Stories of Forbidden Love’ is an extra special, unique screen-print with hand-painted extras.

The Brooklyn based team have painted all over the piece in fabulous bright colours, which sets it apart from the editioned piece that was released.

With sell out shows under their belt on both sides of the Atlantic; the amazing work they did enhancing the front of the Tate Modern, London and key appearances in massive auctions everywhere, Faile are by no means new on the scene and yet still remain at the forefront of it.

In the months to come expect to see another solo show in London & more appearances in Bonham’s Urban Art and Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction’s, finally confirming they’ve hit the big time.

This piece is an original, it is signed and dated, and is available framed to museum quality standards.