7th April: All Things Fungi at Enter Gallery

If you’re fascinated by the world of mushrooms, what they can teach us, and their many benefits, join us for All Things Fungi at Enter Gallery on Sunday 7th April.

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From 5-7pm, we’re hosting an evening of insightful talks from leading thinkers in the field of mushrooms and mycelium. This event is curated by Enter Gallery artist, Jana Nicole, and produced in conjunction with All Things Fungi Festival – the UK’s first weekend Arts and Educational camping festival centred around all things fungi.

In today’s blog, we reveal more about what you can expect from this event...



All Things Fungi Festival

If you’re mad about mushrooms then you need to have All Things Fungi Festival on your radar.

This pioneering event takes place on the beautiful Chiddinglye Estate in the Sussex Countryside, surrounded by meadows, forests and clear dark skies.

The event melds wellness with its fascination with fungi, bringing you everything from gong baths, yoga, and top notch grub, to talks on permaculture, mushroom identification and medicinal mushrooms.

This year’s festival is taking place on the weekend of September 13-15th. Get your tickets here.


The Magic of Mushrooms

As a taster of the bigger event, for one night only, All Things Fungi Festival are coming to Enter Gallery! If you’ve always been curious, but have been unsure of where to start your journey into the world of mushrooms, this is the perfect event for you.   

Meet the Speakers…

Jana Nicole

Your host for the night will be Enter Gallery’s own Jana Nicole – an award-winning artist known for incredible layered collages of mushrooms, moss and mycelium.

As co-founder of All Things Fungi festival, Jana Nicole is the artistic mind behind the aesthetic of the festival. She will be presenting works from her new Botanical Scapes series, which she is launching at a Private View at Enter Gallery on Thursday 28th March. Learn more about this event, and RSVP to join the party.

Original and limited edition artworks by Jana Nicole | Enter Gallery

Petrichor by Jana Nicole | Enter Gallery 

Max Mudie

Mycologist and fellow co-founder of All Things Fungi, Max Mudie, will be speaking on, ‘Mindfulness in the Micro World’.

Mudie is one of the UKs leading macro mycology photographers. His work has been shortlisted for ‘The Close-Up Photographer of the Year’ award two years’ running.

As a committed and passionate mycologist, Mudie dedicates much of his time to mushroom cultivation and developing sustainable methods using native strains.



Oli Genn-Bash

Oli Genn-Bash is the University of Kent Canterbury Psychedelics Society Co-Founder. He will be speaking about psychedelics and the fungi world. His talk will touch on both the fun and creative aspect of psychedelics, as well as the capacity they have to heal trauma.

Genn-Bash has conducted his post-grad research into the field of politics, philosophy, and mysticism, with a specific focus on stand-up comedy as a practice of resistance and how psychedelic substances have played a role in influencing the work of notable American comedians, such as Bill Hicks and George Carlin.


Elvis Benson aka Perfect Mr Fungi

Elvis Benson is a mycologist with a passion for sustainability and agriculture. When he isn’t rewilding land in Sussex, Elvis contributes to surveys with the Sussex Fungus Group and sells a range of mushroom products in the UK and beyond.

At the event, Elvis will be speaking about cultivating gourmet mushrooms and sustainable methods for growing native species in a range of environments.


We look forward to seeing you at Enter Gallery on Sunday 7th April from 5-7pm, for an informative and inclusive discussion about this fascinating world. Book your tickets here