Brand New Peter Blake Limited Edition's Arrive

Milk Maids’, ‘Kandy’ and ‘Wink’, the final three limited edition prints from pop art god Peter Blake, have finally arrived. These are the last editions to be released from Blake’s forthcoming box set ‘Replay’ and judging by the surge in demand for Blake’s work, plus the exposure he’s received at recent art fairs across London these are not expected to stay around for long.

These latest editions, as with the previous releases from the set are all adaptations on Blake’s original work he produced between the late 50’s and late 60’s. It was during this period in his life that, thanks largely to a research award, he studied Folk Art in various European countries. It was also around the late 50’s that his love affair with the icons and ephemera of popular culture bloomed.

From 1959 onwards his work primarily consisted of collages with pin-up photos, star images, posters, LP covers and other images. This aspect is featured at large in ‘Milk Maids’ and ‘Wink’ in particular, with the use of Marilyn Monroe and a woman striking a cheeky pose that is synonymous with magazine covers of the 50’s.

The three prints have all been produced in silkscreen and are an edition of 175. All Blake prints have been hand signed and numbered in pencil by the artist.