Friday 15th July: Arron Crascall solo show: Since 16

We’re delighted to announce that on Friday 15th July, Enter Gallery is bringing you the first solo show of British artist and social media sensation, Arron Crascall

Titled ‘Since 16’ as Crascall has dreamed of a solo art show since he turned 16 - will feature a selection of original paintings, and a timed-release limited edition print.

RSVP here to join us on the evening, meet Crascall and see his paintings, which he describes as ‘total chaos’ for yourself.

Here’s a little more about Crascall, and what you can expect from his first solo show…

Artworks by Arron Crascall | Enter Gallery


Comedy Gold

When it comes to internet comedy, Arron Crascall is one of the biggest names on the block. His hilarious content, which involves good-hearted pranks on the general public, has garnered fans across the world, and even attracted the attention of comedy geniuses like Jack Black, Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds.

Keeping millions of fans engaged with regular content across multiple platforms is a demanding business, so when Crascall’s not creating content, he returns to his artistic roots, painting as a form of stress relief. Here, Crascall explains what painting helps him to release:  


“It kind of tames the beast. I’ve done paintings where I’ve been crying, paintings where I’ve been out of breath, paintings where I’ve been up until 4 in the morning not realising the time because I’m so wrapped up in it. It comes in big waves and its pretty crazy really.”


Arron Crascall solo show, 'Since 16' at Enter Gallery


You Made It

‘Since 16’ will feature a series of original paintings inspired by pop culture icons, and rich in the splashes of colour and scrawled lines of text that define Crascall’s oeuvre.

In addition, we will be releasing a limited edition artwork named ‘Air Max Ballet’.

This limited edition is going to be a timed release, which means that the size of the edition will be determined by the amount of people who buy the print within a pre-determined time period.

That allotted period kicks off at 9am on the morning of Friday 15th July, and will stop at midnight on Sunday 17th July. Mark the date in your diary now or contact the gallery on +44 (0) 1273 724829 to avoid missing out on your chance to get your hands on this special print.

Since 16’ is taking place on Friday 15th July between 6-8pm at Enter Gallery on Bond Street, Brighton. Spaces are limited so RSVP here to secure your spot.