Arthur’s Masterclass at Enter Gallery

This weekend Enter Gallery’s Kids Club was hosted by Arthur - a London-based street artist who has lent his lively graffiti style to everything from the Big Brother House to major campaigns for the likes of Adidas.


Arthur was in town to host Arthur’s Masterclass – a workshop designed to encourage the children in attendance to think about colour, shape, space, and how to combine all three into a striking work of art.

Today, we’re revealing how the Kids Club went, and showing off some of the works of art created by Brighton’s next generation of street artists.


Street art style

For this month’s event, Arthur divided his masterclass into two parts. The aim of the first half was to get the kids thinking about colour and composition via colouring in recreations of Arthur’s own artworks.



For the second half, Arthur had cut out and spray painted some of his trusty favourite shapes, including arrows, crosses and swirls. The kids were given pieces of thick black card as a canvas, and encouraged to select and place their own shapes, forming their own design.


All great artists must of course sign their work, so Arthur ended the session by getting the children to proudly sign their name on their artwork. He also awarded each of the children a glowing A*.

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